Duracell Coppertop D Size 2 Pack

Duracell Coppertop D Size 2 Pack

Duracell Coppertop D Size 2 Pack

  • Alkaline Battery Chemistry
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  • Technical specifications
    • Quick search number: MN1300B2-US
    • Number of Batteries: 2
    • Function battery performs: General , General purpose battery with many applications
    • Battery Chemistry: Alkaline , Non-rechargable, low cost
    • Voltage: 1.5 V
    • Weight: 9.9 oz
    • Dimensions: 4.7 in x 1.3 in x 1.3 in
    • Battery Type: D
    • Technology: Duracell Plus Power
    • Typical Application: Multi-Purpose
    • Charger Battery Ports: 0
  • Dependable and long-lasting, Duracell CopperTop D Alkaline Batteries are great for many of the devices you use on a daily basis. From remote controls and flashlights to smoke detectors and toys, these batteries are engineered to deliver the power you need for all your household devices.

    A 10 year in-storage guarantee ensures your batteries are ready when you need them.

      Brand Name: Duracell branded product.