Rechargeable Battery Recycling

Rechargeable Battery Recycling

Batteries are a part of our everyday lives.

Whether it’s a laptop, cellphone, remote control toy, flashlight or tablet, the average person uses at least six battery-powered electronic products daily. They make our lives more productive and enjoyable. But what happens when the batteries in these products can no longer hold a charge?

For many years, these batteries ended up in the trash and in landfills, but fortunately, that is all changing.

DuracellDirect is a proud member of the Call2Recycle rechargeable battery recycling scheme. Since 1996 the members of the scheme have helped to divert more than 85 million pounds of batteries from community landfills. All of the recycled materials from the batteries are diverted from the landfill and used to make new batteries, stainless steel alloy and cement additives.

To find out how to recycle your rechargeable batteries please see • How to recycle rechargeable batteries for instructions.

Rechargeable Battery Recycling

How to recycle rechargeable batteries

DuracellDirect operates a like for like take back scheme for rechargeable batteries. If you'd like us to recycle your old rechargeable battery when you've purchased a new one from us you can do this one of two ways:

  • 1. You can either return your battery to us in person and we will recycle it for free. Our address is DuracellDirect 773 Victory Highway, West Greenwich, PI 02817. (Open 9:00am to 5:00pm Mon-Fri) Please note, you must not post batteries to us as the US Postal Service will not transport most types of rechargeable batteries.
  • 2. You can drop your battery off at a Call2Recycle collection point. There are over 34,000 collection sites throughout North America, which means almost 90% of people reside within a 10-mile radius of a collection point. that makes recycling rechargeable batteries easy for most of us as you're likely to pass one during your normal daily routine. You can find your nearest one easily.

  • Battery Recycling FAQs

    Battery Recycling FAQs

    Q. Can batteries be recycled?
    A. Yes, most batteries can be recycled. Metals and chemicals are recycled and those which cannot are treated for safe disposal

    Q. Are batteries dangerous?
    A. Batteries contain hazardous chemicals and metals, whilst these are contained within the battery and the battery is handled correctly it is not dangerous.

    Q. My rechargeable battery is damaged, can I post it to you to recycle?
    A. No, please do not post batteries that are damaged in any way. Taking it personally to your nearest recycling point is the quickest and safest method.

    Q. I have a laptop battery, can this be recycled?
    A. Yes, laptop batteries can be recycled along with batteries for digital cameras, camcorders, power tools, mobile phones, toys and more.

    Q. How would I know whether my rechargeable battery is ready to be recycled?
    A. This varies between battery manufacturers. Duracell rechargeable batteries can be recharged 100s or even 1000s of times. When these rechargeable batteries fail to take a charge even after a few hours or seem to last for only a few minutes after an overnight charge, it may be time to recycle these batteries.

    Q. I cannot remember where I bought my batteries, but can I still give them to DuracellDirect to recycle?
    A. Yes, of course. It does not matter where you purchased the batteries, as long as they are rechargeable batteries and not automotive or industrial batteries we can recycle them.

    Q. I found some old car batteries in my garage, can I bring them to recycle?
    A. Unfortunately, no. You will need to contact your local authority for more information on recycling automotive and specialist industrial batteries.

    Q. Will I be charged or do I have to pay for recycling my batteries?
    A. No, recycling is free of charge. You will not be requested to make any payment when you bring in batteries to recycle at DuracellDirect.