Which size battery is right for you?

Choosing the correct battery can be a daunting prospect especially when faced with the vast array of batteries available today. Different size packaging, colors, and pack sizes employed by other manufacturers make the selection process more perplexing than it should be.

Duracell batteries are now clearly marked help you select the correct battery with confidence. Each retail pack and individual battery carries not only the conventional name for the battery size (AA, AAA, D etc) but also a color. This One Size, One Color approach has been developed to make the decision process even easier.

Understand Color Coding

The AA, AAA, 9V, C and D cells are color coded, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red and Purple respectively as depicted below:

The color coding is transfered to the front of every pack through the colored icon on the top left corner and the batteries have been given colored bases. All you need to do is check the color on the bottom of your old Duracell battery and purchase the same color replacement.

New Color Coding to help you select the Right Size Battery
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