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Samsung Camcorder Batteries And Chargers

Choose The Model Of Your Samsung Camcorder To Find Samsung Batteries, Samsung Adapters and Accessories:
Jump to model names beginning with:   2 3 4 7 H S V
2052403 - HMX-H300
3225044 - HMX-U20RN
4785582 - HMX-H200 4827158 - HMX-F80BN
7970058 - HD-F90
HD-F90 HMX-H104 HMX-H300BN
HMX-F80 (Black) HMX-H106 HMX-S10
HMX-F80 (Silver) HMX-H200 HMX-S15
HMX-F90BN HMX-H300 (Black) HMX-U20RN
SC-D381 SC-M53 SCD-372
SC-D382 SC-M62 SCD-453
SC-D383 SC-MX10 SCD-455
SC-D385 SC-MX10A SCD-457
SC-DC163 SC-MX10P SCD-530(T)
SC-DC164 SC-MX10R SCD-55
SC-DC173 SC-MX20 SCD-557
SC-DC563 SC-W71 SCD-590(T)
SC-DC564 SC-W73 SCD-60
SC-DC565 SC-W80 SCD-6040
SC-DC575 SC-W87 SCD-6050
SC-DX103 SCD-103 SCD-6550
SC-DX200 SCD-105 SCD-67
SC-H411 SCD-107 SCD-70
SC-HMX10 SCD-130 SCD-73
SC-HMX10A SCD-180 SCD-75
SC-HMX10C SCD-190 SCD-77
SC-HMX20 SCD-20 SCD-80
SC-L500 SCD-23 SCD-86
SC-L520 SCD-24 SCD-87
SC-L530 SCD-27 SCD-93
SC-L540 SCD-29 SCD-99
SC-L550 SCD-303 SMX-F33
SC-L610 SCD-305 SMX-F34
SC-L700 SCD-307 SMX-F40
SC-L710 SCD-31 SMX-F40BN
SC-L750 SCD-33 SMX-F43
SC-L770 SCD-34 SMX-F43BN
SC-L810 SCD-351 SMX-F44
SC-L860 SCD-352 SMX-F50
SC-L870 SCD-353 SMX-F50SN
SC-L901 SCD-354 SMX-F54BN
SC-L906 SCD-355 SV-C3
SC-M50 SCD-363 SV-C8
SC-M51 SCD-365 SV-C9
VP-D10 VP-D323i VP-HMX10
VP-D101 VP-D325 VP-HMX10C
VP-D101i VP-D325i VP-HMX20C
VP-D103 VP-D327 VP-L500
VP-D103i VP-D327i VP-L520
VP-D105 VP-D33 VP-L530
VP-D105i VP-D34 VP-L550
VP-D107 VP-D340 VP-L700
VP-D11 VP-D380i VP-L700(U)
VP-D130 VP-D39 VP-L710
VP-D130i VP-D530 VP-L750
VP-D15 VP-D55 VP-L750D
VP-D15i VP-D590 VP-L770
VP-D190 VP-D590i VP-L800
VP-D190i VP-D60 VP-L850
VP-D20 VP-D6040 VP-L870
VP-D200 VP-D6050i VP-L900
VP-D21 VP-D63 VP-L906
VP-D21i VP-D65 VP-L907
VP-D23 VP-D70 VP-M50
VP-D230 VP-D73 VP-M51
VP-D24 VP-D75 VP-M52
VP-D250 VP-D76 VP-M53
VP-D26 VP-D76i VP-M54
VP-D270 VP-D77 VP-MX10
VP-D270i VP-D7L VP-MX10A
VP-D301i VP-D81 VP-MX10AU
VP-D303 VP-D83i VP-MX20
VP-D303Di VP-D87 VP-MX20R
VP-D303i VP-D87i VP-MX25
VP-D305 VP-D93 VP-W70(U)
VP-D305i VP-D97 VP-W71
VP-D307 VP-D99 VP-W75
VP-D307i VP-DX100i VP-W75D
VP-D31 VP-DX105i VP-W80
VP-D323 VP-HMX08 VP-W87
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Samsung Camcorder Information:
What is the difference between an OEM camcorder battery and DuracellDirect's camcorder batteries?
Find high quality replacement Samsung camcorder batteries on that will either meet or exceed OEM manufacturer specifications. A full one year warranty comes with all of our camcorder battery products and meets various UL, CE, RoHS and FCC safety certifications. Aftermarket camcorder batteries tend to have a longer battery life, increased safety, durability and build quality that give them an advantage over OEM camcorder batteries.

What different types of Samsung camcorder batteries are there?
There are many different types of camcorder batteries available for your Samsung camcorder that may be made from one of the following battery chemistry types that include: Li-Ion (Lithium Ion), Li-Po (Lithium-ion Polymer), Ni-Cad (Nickel Cadmium), or NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride). Each battery type has distinct advantages over the other, such as size, weight, faster charge time, longer life per charge, longer overall life cycle, and stability. All four camcorder battery chemistry types are universally accepted for Samsung camcorders as a replacement battery and are specific for each model.

Why do Samsung camcorder batteries have different capacities?
Samsung camcorder battery capacity will be different for each model and is measured in “mAh” (milliampere-hour). There are several factors that may determine the capacity for your Samsung camcorder that includes camcorder power consumption, battery size, voltage, wattage, and camcorder battery chemistry type. A higher capacity camcorder battery will indicate the battery pack has more electrolyte and electrode material and will always last longer than a camcorder battery with a lower battery capacity.

How long will my Samsung video camera battery last?
Your Samsung video camera battery should last for several hours off of one full charge. Recharging your Samsung video camera should take one to three hours and 80% battery capacity can be reached by the first hour. Total lifespan of your Samsung video camera battery is about three years and is capable of over 500 discharge / charge cycles

How safe are Samsung camcorder batteries and batteries in general? How do I take care of my Samsung battery?
DuracellDirect replacement Samsung camcorder batteries are safe, quality tested and attain a variety of safety certifications. These safety certifications include RoHS, CE, UL, and FCC.

Camcorder batteries always have the capacity to be damaged under certain conditions. It is always a good idea to take good care of your Samsung camcorder battery while in use and stored away. Never leave your camcorder battery in high heat, freezing temperatures, heavy moisture, rain, or high impact environments. Do not disassemble your battery as it can damage the internal battery cells and become defective. If your camcorder battery is defective, please check to see if it under warranty. If it is out of warranty, recycle it at your nearest battery recycling center.

At, we sell camcorder batteries and camcorder chargers for other different brands and models. Our customer service can be emailed or called for help checking the compatibility between our Samsung camcorder batteries or Samsung camcorder chargers and your camcorder model.

To find Samsung Batteries, Battery Chargers, Adapters, and Accessories select the model of your Samsung Camcorder.

At we are proud to offer our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our Samsung Batteries, Samsung chargers, Samsung adapters and accessories.