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Philips PR-747 Cellular Phone Batteries & Chargers

  • 100% compatible with your Philips cellular phone
  • Batteries meet or exceed Philips factory specifications
  • Three-year warranty on Duracell branded products and one-year warranty on Hi-Capacity branded products
  • 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee
Philips PR-747 Auto Adapters
Philips Cellular Phone Auto Adapter - PR-747 Auto Adapters Product: PR-747 Auto Adapter
Duracell 5V Dual USB 2A Vehicle Charger with Smart Current
Our Price
Availability: IN STOCK

Find compatible Philips PR-747 batteries, chargers, power adapters and accessories. All of our Philips PR-747 cellular phone battery and charger products are 100% compatible and come with a full one year warranty. Philips replacement PR-747 battery and PR-747 charger products will meet or exceed OEM manufacturer power specifications.

Advantages of Duracell Direct’s Philips PR-747 cellular phone Battery

  • PR-747 batteries are manufactured with high grade battery cells and Tier 1 materials to ensure a long battery life.
  • Internal battery pack smart chips that regulate and maintain voltage across all battery cells in the aftermarket Philips battery pack. Temperature and performance are also maintained.
  • Built in laptop battery safety features to prevent incorrect voltage, short circuit, and internal overheating.
  • High performance and long battery life can be expected from our Philips PR-747 batteries. High-capacity battery packs may also be available for extended battery life.
  • Duracell Direct aftermarket Philips PR-747 batteries are 100% compatible and come with a full 1 year warranty.

Other Philips cellular phone batteries and Philips cellular phone chargers are available if you are not looking for a replacement PR-747 battery.

If you are not looking for a replacement Philips PR-747 battery or charger, please check out our other Philips cellular phone battery and Philips cellular phone charger models page.

For more information on Philips PR-747 batteries, PR-747 battery chargers and PR-747 accessories, select the Philips product you are interested in.

At, we are proud to offer our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our Philips PR-747 Batteries, Philips PR-747 Chargers and Philips accessories. Duracell Direct also offers cellular phone batteries for many other cellular phone manufacturer brands and cellular phone models.