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Panasonic Cordless Phone Batteries And Chargers

Choose The Model Of Your Panasonic Cordless Phone To Find Panasonic Batteries, Panasonic Adapters and Accessories:
Jump to model names beginning with:   C K P T
KX-3815 KX-TC1741B KX-TG2314
KX-DU7403HA KX-TC1743 KX-TG2314W
KX-FPG175 KX-TC1743B KX-TG2322
KX-FPG176 KX-TC1750 KX-TG2335
KX-FPG391 KX-TC1750B KX-TG2336
KX-T3815 KX-TC1800 KX-TG2336S
KX-T3825 KX-TC1800B KX-TG2343
KX-T3845 KX-TC1801B KX-TG2344
KX-T3845H KX-TC1811B KX-TG2346
KX-T3845R KX-TC1850 KX-TG2355
KX-T3880R KX-TC1850B KX-TG2356
KX-T3900B KX-TC1851B KX-TG2356S
KX-T3900R KX-TC1867 KX-TG2357
KX-T8832 KX-TC1867B KX-TG2357B
KX-TA38 KX-TC1868B KX-TG2382
KX-TC1001 KX-TC1870 KX-TG2383
KX-TC1010 KX-TC1870B KX-TG2386
KX-TC1040 KX-TC1890 KX-TG2401
KX-TC1400 KX-TC1890B KX-TG2403
KX-TC1400B KX-TC901 KX-TG2403B
KX-TC1400W KX-TC901B KX-TG2451
KX-TC1401 KX-TC904 KX-TG2451B
KX-TC1410 KX-TC904B KX-TG2481
KX-TC1410B KX-TC907 KX-TG2481B
KX-TC1430 KX-TC911 KX-TG2503
KX-TC1431 KX-TC911-W KX-TG2503S
KX-TC1431W KX-TC911B KX-TG2553
KX-TC1447 KX-TC917 KX-TG2553B
KX-TC1447B KX-TC933 KX-TG2553CS
KX-TC1450 KX-TC933B KX-TG2562
KX-TC1450B KX-TC934 KX-TG2563
KX-TC1451 KX-TC935 KX-TG2563B
KX-TC1451B KX-TC935B KX-TG2563F
KX-TC1451W KX-TCL100B KX-TG2563S
KX-TC1457 KX-TCM939 KX-TG2563W
KX-TC1460 KX-TCM939B KX-TG2564
KX-TC1460W KX-TCM941 KX-TG2583
KX-TC1500 KX-TCM941B KX-TG2583B
KX-TC1500B KX-TCM943B KX-TG2583W
KX-TC1500W KX-TCM944B KX-TG2584
KX-TC1501 KX-TCM947B KX-TG2593
KX-TC1501B KX-TD7680 KX-TG2593B
KX-TC1501W KX-TG1000N KX-TG2700
KX-TC1503 KX-TG1700CB KX-TG2720S
KX-TC1507 KX-TG1703 KX-TG2730
KX-TC1507B KX-TG1723CB KX-TG2740S
KX-TC1520 KX-TG1743 KX-TG2770S
KX-TC1520B KX-TG2205 KX-TG2853S
KX-TC1696 KX-TG2215 KX-TG5050
KX-TC1700 KX-TG2215B KX-TG5050W
KX-TC1700B KX-TG2215F KX-TG5055
KX-TC1701 KX-TG2215P KX-TG5100M
KX-TC1701B KX-TG2215PM KX-TG5110M
KX-TC1701G KX-TG2215PW KX-TG5200
KX-TC1703 KX-TG2217 KX-TG5202
KX-TC171 KX-TG2217S KX-TG5210
KX-TC1710B KX-TG2222 KX-TG5212
KX-TC1711 KX-TG2227 KX-TG5213
KX-TC1711B KX-TG2227S KX-TG5230
KX-TC1713 KX-TG2237 KX-TG5240
KX-TC1713B KX-TG2237S KX-TG5240M
KX-TC1720 KX-TG2239 KX-TG6500
KX-TC1721 KX-TG2247 KX-TG6500B
KX-TC1722 KX-TG2247S KX-TG6502
KX-TC1723 KX-TG2257 KX-TGA100N
KX-TC1731 KX-TG2257S KX-TGA270S
KX-TC1731B KX-TG2267 KX-TGA271W
KX-TC1731W KX-TG2267B KX-TGA510M
KX-TC1733 KX-TG2287 KX-TGA520
KX-TC1740 KX-TG2302 KX-TGA520M
KX-TC1740B KX-TG2312 KX-TGA523
KX-TC1741 KX-TG2313 KX-TGA650
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Panasonic Cordless Phone Information:
What is the difference between an OEM cordless phone battery and DuracellDirect's cordless phone batteries?
We carry replacement Duracell Direct cordless phone batteries for Panasonic cordless phones that will meet or exceed OEM manufacturer specifications. All aftermarket Panasonic cordless phone battery products come with a full one year warranty, and carry various UL, CE, RoHS and FCC safety certifications. Aftermarket cordless phone batteries are built with high quality materials and newer technology which makes them longer lasting cordless phone batteries, safe, and have an advantage over OEM Panasonic cordless phone batteries.

What different types of Panasonic cordless phone batteries are there?
There are several different types of aftermarket Panasonic cordless phone batteries that you might find on DuracellDirect. These different Panasonic battery chemistry types are: Li-Ion (Lithium Ion), Ni-Cad (Nickel Cadmium), Li-Poly (Lithium Polymer), or NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride). Li-Ion is a fairly common cordless phone battery chemistry type for Panasonic batteries. Each Panasonic cordless phone battery chemistry type has advantages and disadvantages, such as longer life per charge, longer overall life cycle, weight, size, faster charge time, or stability. All four battery chemistry types are universally accepted in Panasonic cordless phones.

Why do Panasonic batteries have different capacities?
Panasonic cordless phone battery capacity is measured in “mAh” (milliampere-hour). Many different factors affect cordless phone battery capacities: in particular, cordless phone battery cell size, voltage, wattage, and even the battery chemistry type. The more electrolyte and electrode material there is in the cordless phone battery cells, the larger the capacity will be if the chemistry make up is the same. Panasonic cordless phone batteries with larger capacities will always last longer than cordless phone batteries with lower battery capacities.

How long will my Panasonic cordless phone battery last?
Your replacement Panasonic cordless phone battery should last a few hours for recording and playback. Recharging your Panasonic battery will take one to three hours to reach a full charge, with 80% battery capacity being reached the first hour. Panasonic cordless phone battery lifespan should last for about three years and can handle over 500 discharge / charge cycles.

How safe are Panasonic cordless phone batteries and batteries in general? How do I take care of my Panasonic battery?
DuracellDirect replacement Panasonic cordless phone batteries, chargers and accessories are very safe, tested and hold various UL, CE, FCC and RoHS safety certifications before being sold to our customers.

Aftermarket Panasonic batteries from DuracellDirect are very durable but need to be taken care of properly to ensure a long lasting cordless phone battery. Avoid leaving your cordless phone battery in poor environments that include hot temperatures, freezing temperatures, rain, moisture, high impact, and abusive conditions which can damage or void your Panasonic cordless phone battery. Do not disassemble your Panasonic cordless phone battery as it can damage the internal battery cells and short circuit the internals. If your Panasonic battery becomes defective, please check to see if it is still under warranty. If your Panasonic battery is out of warranty, make sure it is disposed of at your nearest battery recycling center.

If you are unsure if our replacement Panasonic cordless phone battery or Panasonic cordless phone charger is compatible with your cordless phone model, please contact our customer service. We also carry many other manufacturers and brands for cordless phone batteries and cordless phone chargers.

To find Panasonic Batteries, Battery Chargers, Adapters, and Accessories select the model of your Panasonic Cordless Phone.

At we are proud to offer our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our Panasonic Batteries, Panasonic chargers, Panasonic adapters and accessories.