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Minolta Digital Camera Batteries And Chargers

Choose The Model Of Your Minolta Digital Camera To Find Minolta Batteries, Minolta Adapters and Accessories:
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AF DL AF Tele 60 Auto Pak 500
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Dimage A2 Dimage F300 Dimage Xg
Dimage E203 Dimage G400 Dimage Xi
Dimage E223 Dimage G500 Dimage Xt
Dimage E323 Dimage G600 Dimage Xt Biz
Dimage F100
Freedom 202 AF-SP Freedom AF DL Freedom Dual 60
Maxxum 5000 Maxxum 7000
Vectis UC
Weathermatic 35D
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Minolta Digital Camera Information:
What is the difference between an OEM digital camera battery and DuracellDirect's digital camera batteries?
Here at DuracellDirect, we strive to bring aftermarket Minolta digital camera batteries to our customers that are both safe, durable and provide the best quality. We guarantee that our aftermarket digital camera batteries will either meet or exceed OEM specifications. Our products pass various safety tests, and may even be more powerful or last longer than your original digital camera battery.

What different types of Minolta digital camera batteries are there?
Our replacement Minolta digital camera batteries are made from one of four widely accepted chemical compositions for battery cells. Your aftermarket Minolta digital camera battery may be Li-Ion (Lithium Ion), Li-Poly (Lithium Poly), Ni-Cad (Nickel Cadmium), or NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride). Even though each battery has different advantages over the other types (such as total life span), all four types of batteries meet the minimum standards for bringing safe, quality batteries to customers.

Why do Minolta digital camera batteries have different capacities?
There are numerous reasons for digital camera batteries to have differing capacities: battery size, cell type, cell size, and voltage, just to name a few. Typically, larger batteries have larger capacities. Also, larger cells may mean more electrodes and electrolytes, which will also lead to longer-lasting batteries.

How long will my Minolta digital camera battery last?
The overall expected life span of your aftermarket Minolta digital camera battery is two to three years, or 500 discharge / charge cycles. On a full charge, it could last for several hours of use. Attaining a full charge will take up to four hours, with as much 80% capacity being reached in just one hour of charging.

A battery’s life span, and it’s use-per-charge, can change depending on how old the battery is and whether it has been properly cared for.

How safe are Minolta digital camera batteries and batteries in general? How do I take care of my Minolta battery?
DuracellDirect batteries have passed various safety certification tests, including CE, UL, FCC, and RoHS. This is so that our customers can feel safe when using our high-quality products. Besides our batteries, our other products (such as chargers/adapters) also pass various safety standards.

A well cared-for battery will not only have a longer life span, but it will also greatly decrease the chance for the replacement digital camera battery to malfunction. Avoid exposing the battery to extreme temperatures, such as direct sunlight in a car for long periods of time, or freezing temperatures. Avoid letting the battery coming into contact with water, such as rain. Do not try to physically take the battery apart, or throw/drop the battery, as these actions can cause physical damage to the cells, which in-turn can cause the battery to become defective. In case you see leaks emerging from the battery, do not touch the leak and bring your battery to a recycling center.

You can find digital camera batteries and digital camera chargers for many other brands as well on Our customer service is open to calls and emails to help you see if our replacement Minolta digital camera battery is compatible with your Minolta digital camera model.

To find Minolta Batteries, Battery Chargers, Adapters, and Accessories select the model of your Minolta Digital Camera.

At we are proud to offer our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our Minolta Batteries, Minolta chargers, Minolta adapters and accessories.