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LG Electronics Cell Phone Batteries And Chargers

Choose The Model Of Your LG Electronics Cellular Phone To Find LG Electronics Batteries, LG Electronics Adapters and Accessories:
Jump to model names beginning with:   1 3 4 5 6 8 A B C D E F G H I K L M N O P R S t U V W X
3211069 (Revere) 3529232 (Marquee)
4015 4245177 (Marquee) 4844621 - 800G
4020 4248217 - Encore 4NE1
4245131 - Rumor Reflex (LG272 - Boost Mobile) 4680603 (Extravert)
5012415 - Viper 4G 5177574 - Optimus Elite (Black) 5358431 - Optimus M+
5036558 - Lucid 4G (VS840) 5350 5450
6621469 - Optimus Elite (White) 6778104 - Optimus Logic 6929501 - Optimus G (AT&T)
6775586 - LG 440 6778177 - Optimus Extreme 6930713 - Optimus G (Sprint)
A110 Arena AX380
A133 Arena GT950 AX390
A170 AS740 AX4270
A200 Attune AX4750
A310 AX140 AX490
A340 AX145 AX500
A7110 AX245 AX5000
Accolade AX260 AX565
Accolade VX5600 AX265 AX585
Ally AX275 AX830
AN270 (Exchange) AX300 AX8600
Apex AX355 Axis
B1300 Banter Touch UN510 BL40
B2050 Beacon BL40 New Chocolate
B2100 BL20 Bliss
Banter BL20v Bliss UX700
Banter Touch
C1300 CG225 Cosmos 2
C1500 CG300 Cosmos 2 (VN251)
C2000 Chocolate Cosmos 2 LG-VN251
C310 Chocolate (Green) Cosmos Touch
C320 Chocolate (Red) Crystal GD900
C3310 Chocolate (White) CT810
C3380 Chocolate 3 CU320
C360 Chocolate Touch CU400
C660 Coiokie 3G T320 CU405
C729 (Doubleplay) Connect 4G CU500
C800 Cookie Fresh GS290 CU515
CB630 Cookie Lite T300 CU575
CE110 Cookie Live KM570 CU720
CE500 Cookie Plus GS500 CU915
CF360 Cookie Style T310 CU920
CG180 Cosmos
Dare dLite DM-L200
Decoy dLite GD570 Doubleplay
E970 (Optimus G) ENV (Orange) Escape
Encore enV Touch Escape 4G
Encore GT550 enV2 Exchange
Enlighten enV3 Expo
ENV Envoy Extravert
F1200 F7200 Fathom
F2100 F7250T Flare
F2400 F9100 FUSIC
F3000 F9200
G2000 GD310 GS505 Sentio
G3100 GD350 GT350
G4010 GD510 GT365
G4011 GD570 dLite GT405
G4015 GD710 GT500
G4020 GD710 Shine 2 GT505
G4050 GD880 GT540
G510 GD900 GT550
G5300 Glance GT550 Encore
G5300i Glimmer GT950 Arena
G5310 GM310 GU230
G5400 GM730 GU285
G5410 GM750 GU292
G7000 GR500 GU295
G7020 GR700 GW300
G7030 GR700 Vu Plus GW370 Neon II
G7050 Gray C800 GW520
G7070 GS105 GW620
G7100 GS108 GW820
G7110 GS170 GX200
G7120 GS390 Prime GX500
G8000 GS500V
Helix Helix UX310
Imprint Intuition Invision
Incite Intuition 4G
KE590 KG245 KV5900
KE800 KG291 KV600
KE820 KG320 KV800
KE850 KG750 KX186
KE970 KG800 KX190
KF700 KG90 KX195
KF750 KG90C KX197
KF757 KG90N KX216T
KG220 KG920 KX218
KG221 KM555 KX266T
KG225 KT610 KX300
KG240 KT770
L1150 LGC 1300 LX160
L1200 LGC 300W LX165
L1400 LGC 330W LX225
L343i LGE VIII LX260
LG 1200 (Blue) LGIC V111 Digital LX265
LG 1200 (Silver) LGVN270 (Extravert) LX290
LG 440 LN240 LX325
LG 600 LN510 Rumor Touch LX3450
LG 600G Lotus LX350
LG VX-1 Lotus Elite LX370
LG VX-10 Lotus Elite LX610 LX400 Blue
LG VX1 Lotus Red LX400 Burgundy
LG VX2000 Lotus Red LX600 LX535
LG VX4400 LS670 LX5450
LG-1010 LS860 (Mach) LX550
LG-LP3900 Lucid 4G LX5550
LG-TM510 (Black) Lucid 4G (VS840) LX570
LG-TM510 (Silver) LX 1200 (Blue) LX600
LG-TM520 LX 1200 (Silver) LX610
LG230 LX1200 LX610 Lotus Elite
LG357 LX125 Lyric
LG600G LX150 Lyric MT375
M4410 Mini GD880 Muziq
M6100 MM-535 Mystique
Mach MN240 Mystique UN610
Marquee MN270 (Beacon) MyTouch Q
MC2005 MS690 Optimus M MyTouch Q 4G
Neon Neon II Nitro
Neon 2 Neon II GW370 Nitro HD
Neon 2 GW370 Nexus 4 Nitro HD 4G
Octane Optimus Extreme Optimus Logic
Octane VN530 Optimus Eye Optimus M
Optimus 2X Optimus F5 Optimus M MS690
Optimus 3D Optimus F7 Optimus ME P350
Optimus 3D Max Optimus G Optimus Net
Optimus 4X Optimus G 4G Optimus One P500
Optimus 7 E900 Optimus G 4G (AT&T) Optimus S
Optimus Black Optimus G 4G (Sprint) Optimus Slider
Optimus Chat C550 Optimus G Pro Optimus Sol E730
Optimus Chic E720 Optimus GK Optimus T
Optimus Elite Optimus L9 Optimus V
Optimus Elite (Black)
P505 P970 (Optimus Black) Prada
P509 P990 (Optimus 2X) Prada II
P7200 Phoenix (P505) Prada II KF900
P725 Plum Prada KE820
P769 (Optimus L9) PM225 Prada KE850
P870 (Escape) PM325 Prime
P920 POP GD510 Prime GS390
P925 Popcorn GU280 Pure GD550
Remarq Rumor 2 Rumor Reflex (LG272 - Boost Mobile)
Revere Rumor 2 AX265 Rumor Reflex (LN272 - Sprint)
Revolution (VS910) Rumor Reflex Rumor Touch
Rhythm Rumor Reflex (Black) Rumor Touch LN510
S5200 Shine CU720 Spectrum 2
Scoop Shine II Spectrum 4G
Sentio Shine II GD710 Spyder
Sentio GS505 Shine KE970 Swift
Shine SP110 Swift AX500
Shine 2 Spectrum Swift GT540
Shine 2 GD710
T315 TouchPoint 3000 TP3000
TG800 TouchPoint 5200 TP5200
the v TouchPoint 5250 TP5250
Thrill 4G Town C300 Trax
TouchPoint 2100 TP2100 Tritan
TouchPoint 2110 TP2210
U8130 US740 UX380
U8180 UX210 UX390
U8330 UX220 UX4500
U8380 UX245 UX4750
U8500 UX260 UX5000
U880 UX265 UX565
UN150 (Envoy) UX280 UX585
UN270 (Attune) UX300 UX700 Bliss
UN430 Wine 2 UX310 UX7100
UN510 Banter Touch UX355 UX830
V111 Vu Plus VX7000
Venus Vu Plus GR700 VX7100
Versa Vu-TV VX740 Ally
VI-125 VuPlus VX740 - Ally
VI-5225 VuPlus GR700 VX8000
VIEWTY Smile GT400 VX-10 VX8100
VIEWTY Snap GM360 VX1000 VX8300
Viper 4G (LS840) VX11K VX8350
Virgin LX290 VX2000 VX8350 Red
VN150 (Revere) VX3100 VX8360
VN250 Cosmos VX3100A VX8500
VN251 VX3200 VX8550 Black
VN270 VX3300 VX8550 Dark Red
VN530 Octane VX3400 VX8550 Drak Blue
Vortex VX3450 VX8550 Ice Blue
Vortex (Violet) VX4400 VX8560
Vortex (VS660) VX4400B VX8575
Vortex VS660 VX4500 VX8600
Voyager VX4600 VX8610 Decoy
VS660 VX4650 VX8700
VS660 Vortex VX4700 VX8800
VS660V VX5200 VX9000
VS740 VX5300 VX9100
VS750 VX5400 VX9200
VS910 VX5500 VX9400
VS920 VX5600 Accolade VX9600
VS930 (Spectrum II) VX6000 VX9700
VS950 (Intuition) VX6100 VX9800
W3000 Wine Wine 2 UN430
WAVE Wine 2
Xenon Xpression Xpression C395
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LG Electronics Cell Phone Information:
What is the difference between an OEM cell phone battery and DuracellDirect's cell phone batteries?
A common myth is that OEM batteries are the best replacement one can have for their electronics; our goal at DuracellDirect, besides providing customers with the safest and most durable batteries, is to dispel this myth. We guarantee that our replacement LG cell phone batteries will meet or exceed OEM manufacturer specifications. Each of our battery products passes various safety tests before going out to the market, and will come with a one year warranty. Our LG cell phone batteries are made using only high quality cells, in order to give a longer battery life.

What different types of LG cell phone batteries are there?
The cells within our aftermarket LG cell phone batteries are made from one of four battery types: Ni-Cad (Nickel Cadmium), Li-Ion (Lithium Ion), NiMH), Nickel Metal Hydride), or Li-Poly (Lithium Polymer). Each of these battery chemistry types is used worldwide when creating high quality cell phone batteries. There are differences between each chemistry type as well, such as cell size, charge times, overall life span, and even stability. However, customers may not notice it as these differences are minor.

Why do LG cell phone batteries have different capacities?
Each of our aftermarket LG cell phone batteries have a “mAh” (milliampere-hour) rating listed on them. This rating can differ per battery for a number of reasons: voltage/wattage, chemistry/type, battery size, cell size, and number of cells. Typically, larger batteries or larger cells of the same type will give off a higher capacity, thanks to having more electrode/electrolyte material.

How long will my LG cellular phone battery last?
Our replacement LG cellular phone batteries have an overall life span of up to three years, or 500 discharge / charge cycles. Each full charge will last customers several hours of use. Charging an empty LG cellular phone battery up to full battery life can take up to three hours, with as much as 80% capacity being reached within the first hour of charging.

These averages can be affected by numerous conditions, such as the type of battery, or its current condition. This is why it is important for customers to properly care for their replacement LG cellular phone battery.

How safe are LG cell phone batteries and batteries in general? How do I take care of my LG battery?
As stated previously, all of our products pass safety tests and attain safety certifications: these include UL, FCC, CE, and RoHS. This is to ensure that customers get the safest products possible.

As such, even the safest products have the capability to wither in certain conditions. To keep your battery safe, avoid letting it come into contact with liquids such as rain or moisture. Do not leave your cell phone in your car during the day to avoid heat and freezing temperatures. Taking apart your battery can cause it to become defective, as can dropping it or causing other physical damage to it. Keep an eye on your battery for any leaks or liquids coming out from it, as this means the battery must be recycled. sells cell phone batteries and cell phone chargers for many other brands as well. You can contact our customer service to find out if our replacement LG cell phone battery or LG cell phone charger is compatible with the cell phone model that you have.

To find LG Electronics Batteries, Battery Chargers, Adapters, and Accessories select the model of your LG Electronics Cellular Phone.

At we are proud to offer our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our LG Electronics Batteries, LG Electronics chargers, LG Electronics adapters and accessories.