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HTC Cell Phone Batteries And Chargers

Choose The Model Of Your HTC Cellular Phone To Find HTC Batteries, HTC Adapters and Accessories:
Jump to model names beginning with:   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A B C D E F G H I K L m N O P R S T V W X Z
1934448 (Inspire 4G) 1949051 (Thunderbolt 4G)
2339995 2339995 - Droid Incredible 2 (Black)
3183327 3628144 3727214 (Rezound)
3183327 - Droid Incredible 2 (White) 3696407 - EVO Design 4G
4944144 - One X (White)
5087293 - EVO 4G LTE Black 5189888 - EVO V 4G 5190174 - EVO Design 4G
5177501 - One V (Virgin Mobile)
603e (E1) 6738052 - EVO 4G LTE White 6962056 - DROID DNA 4G
7 Pro
8788 8X (Blue) 8X 4G (Black)
8X 8X (Yellow) 8X 4G (Blue)
8X (Black) 8X 4G
A320E (Desire C) ADR6350VW APA9292WT
A810a (Status) ADR6425 APX715CKT
A9192 Amaze 4G Aria
A9292 Amaze 4G (Black) Aria A6366
Acquire Amaze 4G (White) Arrive
ADR6350 APA9292KT
Blue Angel
Cavalier S630 ChaCha
Dash 3G Desire VC Droid Eris
Desire 2 Desire VT T328T Droid Incredible
Desire ADR6275 Desire Z Droid Incredible 2
Desire C Dream Droid Incredible 4G
Desire HD DROID DNA 4G Droid Incredible HD
Desire S
E1 EVO Design 4G EVO Shift
EVO 4G EVO LTE 4G (Sprint) EVO V 4G
EVO 4G LTE EVO LTE 4G (White) Excalibur
F5151 Freestyle
G1 G2 Golf
G14 G20
HD2 HD7S Hero S
HD7 Hero Holiday
Imagio Inspire Inspire 4G (Black)
Incredible ADR6300 Inspire 4G Inspire 4G (Red)
Incredible S
Merge MTeoR myTouch 4G
Mogul myTouch 3G myTouch 4G Slide
MP6900 myTouch 3G Slide
Nexus One
One One VX (Red) One X 4G (Gray)
One (Glacial Silver) [AT&T] One VX (White) One X 4G (White)
One (Silver) [Sprint] One X One X+
One S One X (Gray) One XL
One V One X (White) Ozone
One VX
P3450 P4550 PH06130 (Status)
P3700 P6500 PPC-6700
P3701 PG86100 Pyramid
Radar Raider Rezound 4G
Radar 4G Rezound Rhyme
S522 Sensation Shooter
S551 Sensation 4G Smart
S620 (Dash) Sensation XE Snap S522
S621 (Dash) Sensation XL Status
S630 Shift X9000 Surround
S730 Shift X9501 Surround Mobile Phone
T328D Titan Touch Dual
T328W Titan II Touch HD
Tattoo Touch Touch Pro
Thunderbolt Touch 2 Touch Pro 2
Thunderbolt 4G Touch Cruise Touch Pro2
Tilt Touch Diamond Trophy
Tilt 2 Touch Diamond 2 TyTN II
Vision Vivid 4G (Black) Vogue
Vivid Vivid 4G (White) VX6900
Vivid 4G
Wildfire Windows Phone 8X (Black) Windows Phone 8X (Yellow)
Wildfire S Windows Phone 8X (Blue) Wizard
Windows Phone 8X Windows Phone 8X (White)
Z710E Z715E
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HTC Cell Phone Information:
What is the difference between an OEM cell phone battery and DuracellDirect's cell phone batteries?
DuracellDirect aims to provide customers with replacement HTC cell phone batteries that will either meet or exceed OEM manufacturer specifications. This doesn’t mean just the life span of the battery: most of our aftermarket cell phone batteries will tend to have better quality cells, which gives us an advantage in terms of durability and safety. All of our cell phone products will come with a one year warranty, and also attain various safety certifications, including CE, RoHS, FCC, and UL.

What different types of HTC cell phone batteries are there?
The cell phone batteries in today’s market contain cells made using certain chemical compositions. However, each cell will only be made from one chemical type. These battery chemistry compositions include NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride), Li-Ion (Lithium Ion), Li-Poly (Lithium Polymer), and Ni-Cad (Nickel Cadmium). Each battery chemistry type has certain advantages over the others, such as a better total life span or faster charging time; however, all types are widely accepted for creating high quality cell phone batteries.

Why do HTC cell phone batteries have different capacities?
Our replacement HTC cell phone batteries may have different capacities for many reasons. The capacity is measured in milliamperes-hour, or “mAh”. The overall size of the battery, the size of each cell, the voltage and wattage, and the chemistry type are just a few of these reasons. Normally, larger cells will have a larger capacity, due to containing more electrode and electrolyte material. When comparing cell phone batteries of the same type but differing sizes, the larger-sized battery will likely have a higher capacity.

How long will my HTC cellular phone battery last?
On average, our aftermarket HTC cellular phone batteries will last through several hours of usage. When charging, up to 80% capacity can be reached in just one hour, but the charge-time can take roughly three hours, depending on the condition of the battery and the initial capacity upon charging. Our HTC cellular phone batteries are expected to last through 500 discharge / charge cycles, or up to three years of use.

These averages can vary per customer and battery. How you take care of your cellular phone battery will affect its life span and daily usage.

How safe are these HTC cell phone batteries and batteries in general? How do I take care of my HTC battery?
As mentioned earlier, each DuracellDirect product (from our aftermarket HTC cell phone batteries to replacement cell phone chargers) will attain various electronic safety certifications before being sold to our customers. These electronic battery safety certifications include FCC, CE, RoHS, and UL.

As rare as it may be, even the safest batteries can sometimes have a chance for defection. It is up to the owner to care for their HTC cell phone battery, which is sometimes as simple as avoiding extreme conditions. For example, cell phone batteries should not be exposed to extreme freezing temperatures or heat. Be wary when leaving your battery in your car throughout the day. Do not let your cell phone battery come into contact with water such as rain, or any other liquid as it can seep into the cell phone battery and damage the internal cells. Do not attempt to take apart the battery, as this can cause it to malfunction. Avoid high impact environments that can cause physical damage from dropping or throwing the battery. If you notice the battery leaking, dispose of it immediately and do not attempt to re-use it.

There are many other cell phone batteries and cell phone chargers for the different brands and manufacturers here at Please contact our customer service to see if our replacement HTC cell phone battery or HTC cell phone charger is directly compatible with the HTC cell phone model you have.

To find HTC Batteries, Battery Chargers, Adapters, and Accessories select the model of your HTC Cellular Phone.

At we are proud to offer our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our HTC Batteries, HTC chargers, HTC adapters and accessories.