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Fujitsu Laptop Batteries And Chargers

Choose The Model Of Your Fujitsu Laptop To Find Fujitsu Batteries, Fujitsu Adapters and Accessories:
Jump to model names beginning with:   1 A B E F L M P S T X
1304937986 (U772) 1305555790 (U772) 1305806571 (U772)
Amilo A1640 Amilo D7800 Amilo M6100
Amilo A6600 Amilo D7830 Amilo M6300
Amilo A7600 Amilo D8800 Amilo M6500
Amilo A8600 Amilo D8820 Amilo M6800
Amilo D CY23 Amilo M-7800 Amilo M7800
Amilo D6800 Amilo M4100 Amilo M8800
Amilo D6830
Biblo 172
LifeBook 270DX LifeBook C2210 LifeBook N3410
LifeBook 280DX LifeBook C2220 LifeBook N3500
LifeBook 3700X LifeBook C2230 LifeBook N3510
LifeBook 400 LifeBook C2310 LifeBook N3511
LifeBook 420D LifeBook C2320 LifeBook N3520
LifeBook 435DX LifeBook C2330 LifeBook N3530
LifeBook 500 LifeBook C2340 LifeBook N7010
LifeBook 500SR LifeBook C25 LifeBook NH532
LifeBook 520D LifeBook C325 LifeBook NH570
LifeBook 520T LifeBook C340 LifeBook P1032
LifeBook 530 LifeBook C342 LifeBook P1035
LifeBook 530T LifeBook C345 LifeBook P1120
LifeBook 531T LifeBook C350 LifeBook P2000
LifeBook 531TX LifeBook C352 LifeBook P2040
LifeBook 535 LifeBook C353 LifeBook P2046
LifeBook 535T LifeBook C4023 LifeBook P2110
LifeBook 535TX LifeBook C4120 LifeBook P2120
LifeBook 555TX LifeBook C4135 LifeBook P3010
LifeBook 556TX LifeBook C4155 LifeBook P3110
LifeBook 565TX LifeBook C4175 LifeBook P701
LifeBook 585T LifeBook C4235 LifeBook P701/C
LifeBook 585TX LifeBook C5110 LifeBook P702
LifeBook 600 LifeBook C5130 LifeBook P710
LifeBook 635T LifeBook C6135 LifeBook P770
LifeBook 635TX LifeBook C6140 LifeBook P771
LifeBook 655TX LifeBook C6170 LifeBook P771/C
LifeBook 656TX LifeBook C6175 LifeBook P771A
LifeBook 675TX LifeBook C6177 LifeBook P772
LifeBook 690TX LifeBook C6185 LifeBook P8010
LifeBook 695 LifeBook C6310 LifeBook P8110
LifeBook 735DX LifeBook C6320 LifeBook PH701
LifeBook 755TX LifeBook C6325 LifeBook PH702
LifeBook 765DX LifeBook C6525 LifeBook S2000
LifeBook 765TX LifeBook C6535 LifeBook S2020
LifeBook 770TX LifeBook C6545 LifeBook S4510
LifeBook 780TX LifeBook C6547 LifeBook S4542
LifeBook 790TX LifeBook C6556 LifeBook S5582
LifeBook A Series LifeBook C6557 LifeBook S561
LifeBook A1010 LifeBook C6577 LifeBook S6010
LifeBook A1220 LifeBook C6581 LifeBook S6110
LifeBook A3110 LifeBook C6597 LifeBook S6120
LifeBook A3120 LifeBook C7651 LifeBook S6120D
LifeBook A3130 LifeBook E series LifeBook S6310
LifeBook A3210 LifeBook E2010 LifeBook S6311
LifeBook A4170 LifeBook E330 LifeBook S7010
LifeBook A4177 LifeBook E335 LifeBook S7010D
LifeBook A4178 LifeBook E340 LifeBook S7020
LifeBook A4187 LifeBook E342 LifeBook S7020D
LifeBook A4190 LifeBook E350 LifeBook S7111
LifeBook A530 LifeBook E360 LifeBook S751
LifeBook A6010 LifeBook E362 LifeBook S751/C
LifeBook A6020 LifeBook E4010 LifeBook S752
LifeBook A6025 LifeBook E4010D LifeBook S760
LifeBook A6030 LifeBook E6520 LifeBook S761
LifeBook A6110 LifeBook E6530 LifeBook S761/C
LifeBook A6120 LifeBook E6541 LifeBook S761/D
LifeBook A6120-707 LifeBook E6550 LifeBook S762
LifeBook A6120-708 LifeBook E6555 LifeBook SH561
LifeBook A6210 LifeBook E6575 LifeBook SH761
LifeBook A6210-831 LifeBook E6577 LifeBook T1010
LifeBook A6220 LifeBook E6595 LifeBook T1010LA
LifeBook AH530 LifeBook E6596 LifeBook T4010
LifeBook AH531 LifeBook E7000 LifeBook T4010D
LifeBook AH532 LifeBook E7000 series LifeBook T4020
LifeBook AH550 LifeBook E7010 LifeBook T4020D
LifeBook AH572 LifeBook E7110 LifeBook T4210
LifeBook B2130 LifeBook E751 LifeBook T4215
LifeBook B2131 LifeBook E751/C LifeBook T4220
LifeBook B2132 LifeBook E752 LifeBook T4310
LifeBook B2133 LifeBook E780 LifeBook T4410
LifeBook B2154 LifeBook E8410 LifeBook T5010
LifeBook B2156 LifeBook E8420 LifeBook T5010A
LifeBook B2175 LifeBook E8420E LifeBook T5010ALA
LifeBook B2562 LifeBook E8420LA LifeBook T5010W
LifeBook B2610 LifeBook i4120 LifeBook T580
LifeBook C1010 LifeBook i4170 LifeBook T580 Tablet PC
LifeBook C1020 LifeBook i4177 LifeBook T730
LifeBook C1320 LifeBook i4178 LifeBook T730TRNS
LifeBook C1320D LifeBook i4187 LifeBook T731
LifeBook C1321 LifeBook i4190 LifeBook T900
LifeBook C1321D LifeBook L1010 LifeBook T901
LifeBook C2010 LifeBook LF700 LifeBook TH700
LifeBook C2110 LifeBook LH532 LifeBook U810
LifeBook C2111 LifeBook MH380
Milan Monte Carlo Montegro
P772 PenCentra 200 Point 510
PenCentra 130 Point 1600
S751 SPFC-S752 Stylistic 1200
S752 SPFC-S752-003 Stylistic 2300
S752-003 SPFC-S752-004 Stylistic 3400
S752-004 SPFC-S762 Stylistic 3500
S762 SPFC-S762-003 Stylistic 500
S762-003 SPFC-S762-004 Stylistic LT
S762-004 SPFC-T901-DGFX-1 Stylistic LT C-500
SPFC-E752 Stylistic 1000 Stylistic LT P-600
T580 T731-W7-005 T901
T731-W7-004 T731-W7-006 T901-DGFX-1
XBUY-T731-W7-002 XBUY-T731-W7-005 XBUY-T731-W7-006
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Fujitsu Laptop Information:
What is the difference between an OEM laptop battery and DuracellDirect's laptop batteries?
We carry replacement Duracell Direct laptop batteries for Fujitsu laptops that will meet or exceed OEM manufacturer specifications. All aftermarket Fujitsu laptop battery products come with a full one year warranty, and carry various UL, CE, RoHS and FCC safety certifications. Aftermarket laptop batteries are built with high quality materials and newer technology which makes them longer lasting laptop batteries, safe, and have an advantage over OEM Fujitsu laptop batteries.

What different types of Fujitsu laptop batteries are there?
There are several different types of aftermarket Fujitsu laptop batteries that you might find on DuracellDirect. These different Fujitsu battery chemistry types are: Li-Ion (Lithium Ion), Ni-Cad (Nickel Cadmium), Li-Poly (Lithium Polymer), or NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride). Li-Ion is a fairly common laptop battery chemistry type for Fujitsu batteries. Each Fujitsu laptop battery chemistry type has advantages and disadvantages, such as longer life per charge, longer overall life cycle, weight, size, faster charge time, or stability. All four battery chemistry types are universally accepted in Fujitsu laptops.

Why do Fujitsu batteries have different capacities?
Fujitsu laptop battery capacity is measured in “mAh” (milliampere-hour). Many different factors affect laptop battery capacities: in particular, laptop battery cell size, voltage, wattage, and even the battery chemistry type. The more electrolyte and electrode material there is in the laptop battery cells, the larger the capacity will be if the chemistry make up is the same. Fujitsu laptop batteries with larger capacities will always last longer than laptop batteries with lower battery capacities.

How long will my Fujitsu laptop battery last?
Your replacement Fujitsu laptop battery should last a few hours for recording and playback. Recharging your Fujitsu battery will take one to three hours to reach a full charge, with 80% battery capacity being reached the first hour. Fujitsu laptop battery lifespan should last for about three years and can handle over 500 discharge / charge cycles.

How safe are Fujitsu laptop batteries and batteries in general? How do I take care of my Fujitsu battery?
DuracellDirect replacement Fujitsu laptop batteries, chargers and accessories are very safe, tested and hold various UL, CE, FCC and RoHS safety certifications before being sold to our customers.

Aftermarket Fujitsu batteries from DuracellDirect are very durable but need to be taken care of properly to ensure a long lasting laptop battery. Avoid leaving your laptop battery in poor environments that include hot temperatures, freezing temperatures, rain, moisture, high impact, and abusive conditions which can damage or void your Fujitsu laptop battery. Do not disassemble your Fujitsu laptop battery as it can damage the internal battery cells and short circuit the internals. If your Fujitsu battery becomes defective, please check to see if it is still under warranty. If your Fujitsu battery is out of warranty, make sure it is disposed of at your nearest battery recycling center.

If you are unsure if our replacement Fujitsu laptop battery or Fujitsu laptop charger is compatible with your laptop model, please contact our customer service. We also carry many other manufacturers and brands for laptop batteries and laptop chargers.

To find Fujitsu Batteries, Battery Chargers, Adapters, and Accessories select the model of your Fujitsu Laptop.

At we are proud to offer our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our Fujitsu Batteries, Fujitsu chargers, Fujitsu adapters and accessories.