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Casio Digital Camera Batteries And Chargers

Choose The Model Of Your Casio Digital Camera To Find Casio Batteries, Casio Adapters and Accessories:
Jump to model names beginning with:   2 C E Q
CV 2800UX CV 3000UX
EX-S8BKKT Exilim EX-N5 Blue Exilim EX-Z60
EX-Z35SR Exilim EX-N5 Brown Exilim EX-Z600
Exilim Card EX-S10 Exilim EX-N5 Pink Exilim EX-Z600BK
Exilim Card EX-S100 Exilim EX-N5 Silver Exilim EX-Z600SR
Exilim Card EX-S10BE Exilim EX-N5 White Exilim EX-Z60BK
Exilim Card EX-S10BK Exilim EX-N50 Exilim EX-Z60SR
Exilim Card EX-S10RD Exilim EX-N50 Blue Exilim EX-Z65
Exilim Card EX-S10SR Exilim EX-N50 Red Exilim EX-Z75
Exilim Card EX-S20 Exilim EX-N50 Silver Exilim EX-Z75BE
Exilim Card EX-S600 Exilim EX-P600 Exilim EX-Z75BK
Exilim Card EX-S600BE Exilim EX-S1 Exilim EX-Z75PK
Exilim Card EX-S600D Exilim EX-S12 Exilim EX-Z75SR
Exilim Card EX-S600EO Exilim EX-S2 Exilim EX-Z77
Exilim Card EX-S600SR Exilim EX-S20 Exilim EX-Z800
Exilim Card EX-S770 Exilim EX-S20U Exilim EX-Z850
Exilim Card EX-S770BE Exilim EX-S2PW Exilim EX-Z9
Exilim Card EX-S770RD Exilim EX-S3 Exilim EX-Z9BK
Exilim Card EX-S770SR Exilim EX-S5 Exilim EX-Z9EO
Exilim EX-FC100 Exilim EX-S500 Exilim EX-Z9PK
Exilim EX-FH100 Exilim EX-S600 Exilim EX-Z9SR
Exilim EX-FS10 Exilim EX-S7 Exilim EX-ZS150
Exilim EX-G1 Exilim EX-S8 Exilim EX-ZS150BK
Exilim EX-H10 Exilim EX-S880 Exilim EX-ZS150GD
Exilim EX-H15 Exilim EX-V7 Exilim EX-ZS150GN
Exilim EX-H20 Exilim EX-V7SR Exilim EX-ZS150VP
Exilim EX-H20G Exilim EX-V8 Exilim EX-ZS5
Exilim EX-H5 Exilim EX-Z1 Exilim Hi-Zoom EX-H10
Exilim EX-H50 Exilim EX-Z100 Exilim Pro EX-F1
Exilim EX-H50 Black Exilim EX-Z1000 Exilim Pro EX-P505
Exilim EX-H50 Red Exilim EX-Z1050 Exilim Pro EX-P600
Exilim EX-H50 White Exilim EX-Z1050BE Exilim Pro EX-P700
Exilim EX-H5BK Exilim EX-Z1050BK Exilim Zoom EX-Z100
Exilim EX-H5RD Exilim EX-Z1050PK Exilim Zoom EX-Z1000
Exilim EX-H5SR Exilim EX-Z1050SR Exilim Zoom EX-Z200
Exilim EX-JE10 Exilim EX-Z1080 Exilim Zoom EX-Z5
Exilim EX-JE10 Black Exilim EX-Z1200BK Exilim Zoom EX-Z50
Exilim EX-JE10 Pink Exilim EX-Z1200SR Exilim Zoom EX-Z55
Exilim EX-JE10 White Exilim EX-Z16 Exilim Zoom EX-Z57
Exilim EX-M1 Exilim EX-Z270 Exilim Zoom EX-Z70
Exilim EX-M2 Exilim EX-Z280 Exilim Zoom EX-Z700
Exilim EX-M20 Exilim EX-Z29 Exilim Zoom EX-Z700GY
Exilim EX-N1 Exilim EX-Z3 Exilim Zoom EX-Z700SR
Exilim EX-N1 Black Exilim EX-Z30 Exilim Zoom EX-Z70BK
Exilim EX-N1 Blue Exilim EX-Z300 Exilim Zoom EX-Z70SR
Exilim EX-N1 Pink Exilim EX-Z33 Exilim Zoom EX-Z750
Exilim EX-N1 Red Exilim EX-Z33BE Exilim Zoom EX-Z80
Exilim EX-N1 White Exilim EX-Z33BK Exilim Zoom EX-Z80BE
Exilim EX-N10 Exilim EX-Z33PK Exilim Zoom EX-Z80BK
Exilim EX-N10 Black Exilim EX-Z33SR Exilim Zoom EX-Z80GN
Exilim EX-N10 Gold Exilim EX-Z33VP Exilim Zoom EX-Z80PK
Exilim EX-N10 Pink Exilim EX-Z35 Exilim Zoom EX-Z80SR
Exilim EX-N20 Exilim EX-Z4 Exilim Zoom EX-Z80VP
Exilim EX-N20 Blue Exilim EX-Z40 Exilim Zoom EX-Z85
Exilim EX-N20 Brown Exilim EX-Z400 Exilim Zoom EX-Z850
Exilim EX-N20 Red Exilim EX-Z50 Exilim Zoom EX-Z85BN
Exilim EX-N5 Exilim EX-Z500 Exilim Zoom EX-Z85EO
Exilim EX-N5 Black Exilim EX-Z550
QV-R300 QV-R300RD QV-R4
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Other Devices for Casio:
Casio cell-phone batteries, adapters, accessories Casio Cellular Phones
Find Casio cell-phone batteries, Casio cell-phone adapters, Casio cell-phone accessories
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Casio Digital Camera Information:
What is the difference between an OEM digital camera battery and DuracellDirect's digital camera batteries?
DuracellDirect has in stock a variety of replacement Casio digital camera batteries. Each battery is guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications, and all of our products come with a one year warranty. Our aftermarket digital camera batteries are made with only the highest quality cells, providing you with a longer battery life and better durability. In order to assure safety, each product attains several different safety certifications, such as UL, RoHS, CE, and FCC.

What different types of Casio digital camera batteries are there?
Each of our replacement Casio digital camera batteries will consist of one of the four chemical compositions: Ni-MH (Nickel Metal Hydride), Ni-Cad (Nickel Cadmium), Li-Ion (Lithium Ion), and Li-Poly (Lithium Polymer). Each type is widely accepted for use in digital camera batteries. There are slight differences in the batteries made of each chemical composition, such as longer life cycle, or longer life per charge; however, the difference may not be noticeable.

Why do Casio digital camera batteries have different capacities?
The capacities of each aftermarket Casio digital camera battery will change depending on various components of the battery: chemical type, size, voltage, and several others. Larger batteries will likely always last longer than smaller batteries of the same chemical composition. Also, the capacity will increase if the digital camera battery cells contain more electrode material and electrolytes.

How long will my Casio digital camera battery last?
The average lifespan of our aftermarket Casio digital camera batteries is two to three years, or 500 discharge / charge cycles. It will also last several hours of use per charge. When charging, roughly 80% capacity can be reached within the first hour, with the remaining capacity taking another one to two hours longer. Both the use-per-charge and overall lifespan can be affected by various condition, such as battery type, whether it is taken care of properly, and the current status of the battery.

How safe are Casio digital camera batteries and batteries in general? How do I take care of my Casio battery?
Our aftermarket Casio digital camera batteries attain various safety certifications to provide customers with not only quality, but reassurance. These safety certifications include RoHS, CE, FCC, and UL.

All digital camera batteries, though durable, can be easily damaged in certain situations. Extreme conditions include too much heat (such as leaving your battery in direct sunlight in a car), water damage (from gathered moisture, or rain), and freezing temperatures. Physical damage to the battery can also cause long-term effects; dropping or hitting the digital camera battery may cause internal defects, or even short circuit the battery completely due to disrupted cells. Be wary of any leakage coming from the battery, and dispose of it properly through a recycling center.

There are many other brands as well for digital camera batteries and digital camera chargers at Contact our customer service team to see if your current Casio digital camera model is compatible with any of our Casio digital camera batteries.

To find Casio Batteries, Battery Chargers, Adapters, and Accessories select the model of your Casio Digital Camera.

At we are proud to offer our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our Casio Batteries, Casio chargers, Casio adapters and accessories.