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Duracell Camcorder Batteries and Chargers

Find replacement camcorder batteries on Duracell Direct that are 100% compatible and meet or exceed OEM power specifications. Most camcorder batteries from Duracell Direct come with a full 1 year warranty.
Most Popular Camcorder Manufacturers:
Canon Camcorder Battery Canon Camcorder Battery
Hitachi Camcorder Battery Hitachi Camcorder Battery
JVC Camcorder Battery JVC Camcorder Battery
Panasonic Camcorder Battery Panasonic Camcorder Battery
RCA Camcorder Battery RCA Camcorder Battery
Samsung Camcorder Battery Samsung Camcorder Battery
Sanyo Camcorder Battery Sanyo Camcorder Battery
Sharp Camcorder Battery Sharp Camcorder Battery
Sony Camcorder Battery Sony Camcorder Battery
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Creative Labs
HHewlett Packard
LLG Electronics
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To find Camcorder Batteries, Camcorder Battery Chargers, and Accessories select the manufacturer of your Camcorder from the list above.

We carry many camcorder chargers, camcorder batteries, video camera adapters and accessories. Power your camcorder at home or in your car with our power adapters. Duracell Direct replacement camcorder batteries may have a higher capacity battery life than the original battery that was included with the camcorder. All of our camcorder battery products are high quality, are available for low prices, and include excellent technical support services.

Advantages of Duracell Direct Aftermarket Batteries for Camcorders / Video Cameras:
  • Cost the buyer less money vs. OEM camcorder batteries.
  • Come brand new and are not refurbished camcorder battery units.
  • May have a higher power capacity over OEM camcorder batteries.
  • Meet and exceed OEM camcorder power specifications for batteries and chargers.
  • Camcorder batteries meet high quality and safety standards, including CE, UL, FCC and RoHS certifications.
  • Video camera batteries come with a 1 year warranty, or 3 year warranty for Duracell camcorder batteries.
Camcorder Battery Charging:
  • Camcorder batteries should be fully recharged before each use.
  • Brand new camcorder batteries do not come charged out of the box and need to be fully charged.
  • Li-ion camcorder batteries last a long time and can be discharged / recharged 300-500+ times.
  • Charge your video camera batteries in a cool area to avoid overheating them.
  • If your video camera has been stored away for a few weeks, the batteries will lose their charge over time and will need to be recharged.
  • Be sure to carry extra camcorder batteries on hand for extended video camera recording.
Increasing your Camcorder Battery Life:
  • Typical battery life for a video camera depends on the size of the battery, how efficient the camcorder is with power, and how much recording / video previewing is being done. Typical camcorders will see 2-8+ hours of battery life filming footage and previewing.
  • Turn off the video camera when it is not being used.
  • Keep the camcorder cool, as heat causes the batteries to drain power more quickly.
  • Use the viewfinder instead of the LCD screen to conserve battery power.
  • Avoid previewing video through the LCD screen if you need the camcorder battery to last a long time.
  • Avoid zooming, don't use auto focus and turn off the camera light as it can drain a video camera’s battery quickly.
  • If your video camera doesn’t run for a very long time and your battery is a few years old, be sure to replace it with a brand new camcorder battery.
At we are proud to offer our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our Camcorder Batteries, Camcorder Battery Chargers and Accessories.