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Apple Laptop Batteries And Chargers

Choose The Model Of Your Apple Laptop To Find Apple Batteries, Apple Adapters and Accessories:
Jump to model names beginning with:   1 3 5 6 9 A F G i M P Z
1534115 1535836
3107695 3109047 3116278
3108109 3109296 3827134 (MD102LL/A0
5430505 (MC725LL/A) 5430505 (MD101LL/A)
6936556 (MD213LL/A) 6936592 - MacBook Pro (MD212LL/A) w/ Retina Display
9107414 9375179 9755419
9218358 9611541 9910585
9375115 9755322 9911593
9375124 9755395 9944833
A1278 (2010 Baujahr Version)
G4 iBook
iBook (Dual USB - 12") iBook (White - 14") iBook G4 (14")
iBook (Dual USB - 14") iBook G4 (12") iBook Laptop, G4 iBook
iBook (White - 12")
M8859LL/A MacBook Pro (15” MB985/A) MB402LL-A
M9627LL/A MacBook Pro (15” MB985CH/A) MB402LL/B
M9628LL/A MacBook Pro (15” MB985J/A) MB403LL-A
M9691LL/A MacBook Pro (15” MB985LL/A) MB404LL
MA09211A MacBook Pro (15” MB985TA/A) MB404LL-A
MA092LL MacBook Pro (15” MB985X/A) MB466LL
MA254LL/A MacBook Pro (15” MB985ZP/A) MB467LL/A
MA255LL MacBook Pro (15” MB986/A) MB470LL/A
MA464LL/A MacBook Pro (15” MB986CH/A) MB471LL/A
MA472LL MacBook Pro (15” MB986J/A) MB604LLA
MA472LL/A MacBook Pro (15” MB986LL/A) MB766LL/A
MA600LL/A MacBook Pro (15” MB986TA/A) MB881LL/A
MA601LL/A MacBook Pro (15” MB986X/A) MB985LL
MA609LL/A MacBook Pro (15” MB986ZP/A) MB985LL/A
MA610LL/A MacBook Pro (15” MC118/A) MB986LL/A
MA611LL/A MacBook Pro (15” MC118CH/A) MB990LL/A
MA699LL/A MacBook Pro (15” MC118J/A) MB991LL/A
MA700LL/A MacBook Pro (15” MC118LL/A) MC024LL
MA701LL/A MacBook Pro (15” MC118TA/A) MC024LL/A
MA895LL MacBook Pro (15” MC118X/A) MC024LLAREF
MA895LL-A MacBook Pro (15” MC118ZP/A) MC026LL/A
MA896LL-A MacBook Pro (17" Aluminum Unibody) MC118LL/A
MA897LL-A MacBook Pro (17" MC024LL/A) MC207LL
MacBook (13" Aluminum Unibody) MacBook Pro (17" MC725LL/A) MC207LL/A
MacBook (13" Black) MacBook Pro (17" MD311LL/A) MC226LL/A
MacBook (13" White) MacBook Pro (17") MC233LL/A
MacBook 13" White (MC516LL/A) MacBook Pro (MD102LL/A) MC234LL/A
MacBook Air MacBook Pro (MD212LL/A) w/ Retina Display MC240LL/A
MacBook Air (11" MC969LL/A) MacBook Pro (MD318LL/A) MC371LL
MacBook Air (2nd Gen) MacBook Pro 13" (FC700LLAREF) MC371LL/A
MacBook Air (MC234LL/A) MacBook Pro 13" (MB990*/A) MC372LL
MacBook Air 11" (MB506LL/A) MacBook Pro 13" (MB990CH/A) MC372LL/A
MacBook Air 11" (MC505LL/A) MacBook Pro 13" (MB990J/A) MC373LL/A
MacBook Air 11" (MC506LL/A) MacBook Pro 13" (MB990LL/A) MC374LL/A
MacBook Air 11" (MC968LL/A) MacBook Pro 13" (MB990TA/A) MC375LL/A
MacBook Air 11" (MC969LL/A) MacBook Pro 13" (MB990ZP/A) MC503LL/A
MacBook Air 11" (MD214LL/A) MacBook Pro 13" (MB991*/A) MC504LL
MacBook Air 13" (FC503LLAREF) MacBook Pro 13" (MB991CH/A) MC504LL/A
MacBook Air 13" (MB543LL/A) MacBook Pro 13" (MB991J/A) MC516LL
MacBook Air 13" (MC503LL/A) MacBook Pro 13" (MB991LL/A) MC516LL/A
MacBook Air 13" (MC504/LLA) MacBook Pro 13" (MB991TA/A) MC700LL
MacBook Air 13" (MC966LL/A) MacBook Pro 13" (MB991ZP/A) MC700LLA
MacBook Air 13" (MD226LL/A) MacBook Pro 13" (MC700LL/A) MC721LL
MacBook Air 13.3" MacBook Pro 13" (MD101LL/A) MC721LL/A
MacBook Pro (13" Aluminum Unibody) MacBook Pro 13" (MD102LL/A) MC723LL
MacBook Pro (13" MC374LL/A) MacBook Pro 13" (MD213LL/A) w/ Retina Display MC723LL/A
MacBook Pro (13" MC375LL/A) MacBook Pro 13" (MD313LL/A) MC724LL
MacBook Pro (13" MC700LL/A) MacBook Pro 13" (MD314LL/A) MC724LL/A
MacBook Pro (13" MC724LL/A) MacBook Pro 13" (ME662LL/A) MC725LL
MacBook Pro (13" MD314LL/A) MacBook Pro 13" A1278 (2009 Version) MC725LL/A
MacBook Pro (13") MacBook Pro 13" Precision Aluminum Unibody (2009 Version) MC965LL/A
MacBook Pro (15" A1286 2009 Version) MacBook Pro 15" (FC721LLAREF) MC966LL/A
MacBook Pro (15" A1286) MacBook Pro 15" (MD318LL/A) MC968LL/A
MacBook Pro (15" Aluminum Unibody) MacBook Pro 17" (MD311LL/A) MD101LL/A
MacBook Pro (15" MC118) MB003LL/A MD102LL/A
MacBook Pro (15" MC371LL/A) MB061LL-B MD213LL/A
MacBook Pro (15" MC372LL/A) MB061LL/A MD214LL/A
MacBook Pro (15" MC373LL/A) MB062LL/A MD313LL
MacBook Pro (15" MC721LL/A) MB062LL/B MD313LL/A
MacBook Pro (15" MC723LL/A) MB063LL-B MD313LLAREF
MacBook Pro (15" MD318LL/A) MB063LL/A MD314LL
MacBook Pro (15" MD322LL/A) MB133LL-A MD314LL/A
MacBook Pro (15" Precision Aluminum Unibody 2009 Version) MB134LL-A MD318LL/A
MacBook Pro (15" Precision Aluminum Unibody 2009) MB166LL-A ME662LL/A
MacBook Pro (15") MB402LL
PowerBook G4 (12") PowerBook G4 (15" Titanium)
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Apple Laptop Information:
What is the difference between an OEM laptop battery and DuracellDirect's laptop batteries?
At, we provide high quality replacement Apple laptop batteries and chargers that will either meet or exceed OEM specifications. All of our aftermarket laptop batteries come with a full one year warranty and carry various safety certifications, including UL, CE, RoHS and FCC. Another big advantage that aftermarket laptop batteries have are improved technology and newer battery internals, creating an advantage over OEM batteries with safer, more durable and longer lasting batteries.

What different types of Apple laptop batteries are there?
There are several types of batteries you may find as a replacement for your aftermarket Apple laptop battery. The four types of laptop batteries are: Li-Ion (Lithium Ion), Li-Poly (Lithium Polymer), Ni-Cad (Nickel Cadmium), and NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride). Each type of laptop battery has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some factors to take into consideration between these four battery types are a longer life per charge, battery life cycle, battery weight, battery size, faster charge time, and battery stability. These four types of batteries are universally accepted for each specific laptop.

Why do Apple laptop batteries have different capacities?
Battery capacities are usually measured in “mAh” (milliampere-hour). All of our Apple laptop batteries are measured in mAh. There are several parts that will affect battery capacities: in particular size, capacity, voltage, wattage, and battery chemistry type. Laptop batteries will have a larger capacity if there is more electrolyte and electrode material in the laptop battery cells, given that the battery chemistry is the same. By having a larger laptop battery capacity, battery power will last longer for your Apple laptop.

How long will my Apple laptop battery last?
Your Apple laptop battery should last several hours off of one complete charge. Recharging your laptop usually takes one to three hours to achieve a complete charge. Within the first hour, approximately 80% of the battery capacity is reached. The complete lifespan of your Apple laptop battery should see over 500 discharge / charge cycles and at around three years of usage.

Your Apple laptop battery’s use-per-charge and lifespan can also be impacted by certain physical conditions. This includes the battery chemistry type, frequency of battery use, and whether the battery is treated properly or abused.

How safe are Apple laptop batteries and batteries in general? How do I take care of my Apple battery?
Safety and care for your Apple laptop battery are important features we would like to include in our aftermarket batteries. All of our Apple laptop batteries and chargers carry a variety of safety certifications, including UL, CE, RoHS, and FCC certifications before being sold to our customers. You can be sure our batteries, chargers, and electronic devices are safe and high quality.

Care for your Apple laptop battery is important for a long lasting battery life. Laptop batteries are fairly durable, but are very fragile to extreme conditions. These extreme conditions include excessive heat exposure, high moisture, rain, freezing temperatures, and heavy impacts from hitting or dropping the laptop battery. Avoid disassembling your Apple laptop battery to prevent damaging and short circuiting the battery cells and causing a defective battery. If you experience a dead laptop battery, check to see if it is still under warranty. If it’s not under warranty, then make sure the laptop battery is disposed of properly at your nearest battery recycling center.

If you need help checking to see if our replacement Apple laptop batteries or Apple laptop chargers are compatible with your laptop model, you can contact our customer service crew. also carries laptop batteries and laptop chargers for a variety of other brands.

To find Apple Batteries, Battery Chargers, Adapters, and Accessories select the model of your Apple Laptop.

At we are proud to offer our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our Apple Batteries, Apple chargers, Apple adapters and accessories.