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Olympus Digital Camera Batteries And Chargers

Choose The Model Of Your Olympus Digital Camera To Find Olympus Batteries, Olympus Adapters and Accessories:
Jump to model names beginning with:   µ 2 3 4 5 6 9 A B C D E F I M N O P S T V X Z
µ-mini Digital S µ[mju:] 720 µ[mju:] 780
µ[mju:] 300 Digital µ[mju:] 720SW µ[mju:] 790SW
µ[mju:] 400 Digital µ[mju:] 730 µ[mju:] 795SW
µ[mju:] 410 Digital µ[mju:] 740 µ[mju:] mini Digital
µ[mju:] 700 µ[mju:] 750 µ[mju] Digital 800
µ[mju:] 710 µ[mju:] 760
2207032 2424204 - TG-610 Silver 2424301
2207032 - TG-810 Black 2424213 2424301 - XZ-1 Black
2207078 2424213 - TG-610 Red 2431738 - Stylus Tough 6020 Black
2207078 - TG-610 Blue 2424222 2572627
2339786 2424222 - VR-320 Black 2594816
2339786 - TG-310 Blue 2424231 2672413
2424161 2424259 2672413 - TG-310 White
2424161 - TG-810 Silver 2424259 - TG-310 Orange 2701476 - Stylus Tough 8000 Blue
2424198 2424277 2979168 - VR-320 Silver
2424198 - TG-610 Black 2424295 2979177 - VR-320 Blue
2424204 2424295 - SZ-30MR Silver 2979186 - VR-320 Red
3008049 - E-PM1 Black 3117259 - E-PL3 Silver 3560229 - PEN E-PL3 Black
3030 3117295 - E-PL3 Black 3560308 - PEN E-P3 Silver
3098262 - Stylus 7010 Grey 3126071 - XZ-1 White 3732589 - E-P2
3117143 - E-PL3 White 3551773 - PEN E-P3 Silver 3937097 - E-PL1
3117222 - E-PL3 Red
4048264 - X-560WP Red 4983121 - VR-350 Red 4983194 - TG-820 IHS Red
4161798 - PEN E-P2 4983158 - VR-350 Silver 4983194 - Tough TG-820
4161807 - SP-810UZ 4983176 - TG-820 IHS Black 4983219 - VR-350 Black
4407079 - VR-310 Black
5141328 - VR-340 Silver 5141346 - SZ-12 Silver 5709827 - SZ-11 Red
5141337 - VR-340
6952978 - PEN E-PM2 Black 6953021 - PEN E-PM2 White 6953058 - E-PL5 Silver
6952996 - PEN E-PM2 Red 6953049 - E-PL5 Black 6953067 - E-PL5 White
6953012 - PEN E-PM2 Silver
9765204 - Stylus 7030 Titanium Silver 9769158 - PEN E-PL1 9790493 - SP-800 Titanium
9765231 - Stylus Tough 8010 Black 9790493 9926019 - E-P2
9765329 - Stylus Tough 8010 Silver
AF-10 AF-10 Super AF-10S
AF-10 Quartz Date
Brio D100 Brio D230 Brio Zoom D150
Brio D150
C-4000 Zoom Camedia C-4000 Zoom Camedia D-150 Brio
C-50 Zoom Camedia C-4040 Camedia D-230
C-5050 Zoom Camedia C-450 Zoom Camedia D-370
C-700 Camedia C-460 Camedia D-380
C-720 Ultra Zoom Camedia C-460 Zoom del Sol Camedia D-390
C-730 Camedia C-470 Zoom Camedia D-395
Camedia AZ-1 Camedia C-480 Zoom Camedia D-435
Camedia AZ-2 Zoom Camedia C-50 Zoom Camedia D-460 Zoom
Camedia C-1 Zoom Camedia C-500 Zoom Camedia D-490 Zoom
Camedia C-100 Camedia C-5000 Zoom Camedia D-510
Camedia C-120 Camedia C-5050 Zoom Camedia D-520 Zoom
Camedia C-150 Camedia C-5060 Wide Zoom Camedia D-545 Zoom
Camedia C-160 Camedia C-60 Zoom Camedia D-550 Zoom
Camedia C-180 Camedia C-70 Zoom Camedia D-555
Camedia C-200 Camedia C-700 Camedia D-560 Zoom
Camedia C-2040 Camedia C-7000 Camedia D-565 Zoom
Camedia C-21 Ultra Zoom Camedia C-7070 Wide Zoom Camedia D-575 Zoom
Camedia C-2100 Camedia C-720 Ultra Zoom Camedia D-580 Zoom
Camedia C-211 Zoom Camedia C-725 Ultra Zoom Camedia D-590 Zoom
Camedia C-220 Camedia C-730 Camedia D-595 Zoom
Camedia C-3000 Camedia C-730 Ultra Zoom Camedia D-630 Zoom
Camedia C-3000 Zoom Camedia C-740 Ultra Zoom Camedia E-10
Camedia C-300Z Camedia C-745 Ultra Zoom Camedia E-100RS
Camedia C-3020 Camedia C-750 Ultra Zoom Camedia E-20N
Camedia C-3030Z Camedia C-755 Ultra Zoom Camedia E-20P
Camedia C-3040Z Camedia C-760 Ultra Zoom Camedia FE-5500 Zoom
Camedia C-310 Camedia C-765 Ultra Zoom Camedia X-1
Camedia C-3100 Camedia C-770 Ultra Zoom Camedia X-2
Camedia C-350 Camedia C-8080 Wide Zoom Camedia X-200
Camedia C-360 Zoom Camedia D-100 Brio Camedia X-600
D-100 D-460ZM D-550 Zoom
D-380 D-490 D-560 Zoom
D-40 D-510 D-565 Zoom
D-460 D-520 Zoom D-630 Zoom
E-1 E-PL3 Black (V205031BU000) E-PM1 Purple
E-3 E-PL3 Red (V205031RU000) E-PM1 Silver
E-30 E-PL3 Silver (V205031SU000) E-PM1 White
E-420 E-PL3 White (V205031WU000) E-PM2
E-450 E-PL5 E-PM2 Red
E-520 E-PL5 Black E-PM2 Silver
E-620 E-PL5 Silver E-PM2 White
E-P1 E-PL5 White EVOLT E-300
E-P2 E-PM1 EVOLT E-330
E-P3 E-PM1 Black (V206011BU000) EVOLT E-410
E-PL1 E-PM1 Brown EVOLT E-500
E-PL3 E-PM1 Pink EVOLT E-510
FE-150 FE-290 FE-4010
FE-150Zoom FE-300 FE-4030
FE-160 FE-3000 FE-5000
FE-190 FE-3010 FE-5010
FE-20 FE-330 FE-5020
FE-200 FE-340 FE-5030
FE-220 FE-350 Wide FE-5050
FE-230 FE-360 FE-5500
FE-240 FE-370 Ferrari Digital 2004
FE-250 FE-4000 Ferrari Digital Model 2004
I 10 I Zoom 75 IR-300
I 100AF I Zoom 75 Kit IR-500
I Zoom 200 AF i200 AF iSnap
I Zoom 2000 Infinity JR iZoom 60
I Zoom 3000 Infitnity S
MJU 10 MJU 400 MJU Ferrari
MJU 20 MJU 410 Digital MJU V
MJU 300 MJU 500 Digital
New Pic 100 New Pic XB New Pic Zoom 60
New Pic AF200 New Pic XB AF New Pic Zoom 600
New Pic M10 Macro
OM-101 OM-77AF OM-88
PEN E-P2 (262832) PEN E-PL3 Black (V205033BU000) PEN E-PM2 Silver
PEN E-P3 PEN E-PM1 mini PEN E-PM2 White
PEN E-P3 Silver (V204031SU000) PEN E-PM2 PEN mini E-PM1
PEN E-P3 Silver (V204033SU000)
SP-310 Stylus 700 Stylus Tough 6000
SP-320 Stylus 7000 Stylus Tough 6020
SP-350 Stylus 7010 Stylus Tough 6020 Black
SP-500 Ultra-Zoom Stylus 7010 Grey Stylus Tough 8000
SP-700 Stylus 7030 Stylus Tough 8000 Blue
SP-720 Stylus 7030 Titanium Silver Stylus Tough 8010
SP-720 UZBLK Stylus 7040 Stylus Tough 8010 Black
SP-800 Stylus 710 Stylus Tough 8010 Silver
SP-800 Titanium Stylus 720SW Stylus Verve Digital
SP-800UZ Stylus 725 SW Stylus Verve S
SP-810UZ Stylus 730 Stylus XZ-10
Stylus 1000 Stylus 740 Super Trip
Stylus 1010 Stylus 750 SZ-10
Stylus 1020 Stylus 760 SZ-11
Stylus 1030 SW Stylus 770 SW SZ-11 Red
Stylus 1040 Stylus 780 SZ-12
Stylus 1050 SW Stylus 790 SW SZ-12 Silver
Stylus 1200 Stylus 80 SZ-15
Stylus 300 Stylus 800 Digital SZ-15 Black
Stylus 300 Digital Stylus 810 SZ-15 Red
Stylus 400 Stylus 820 SZ-16 iHS
Stylus 400 Digital Stylus 830 SZ-16 iHS Silver
Stylus 410 Stylus 840 SZ-16 iHS White
Stylus 410 Digital Stylus 850 SW SZ-20
Stylus 500 Digital Stylus 9000 SZ-30MR
Stylus 5010 Stylus 9010 SZ-30MR Silver (228825)
Stylus 550WP Stylus Tough 3000 SZ-31MR
Stylus 600
TG-310 TG-630 iHS TG-830 iHS Silver
TG-310 Blue (228050) TG-810 Tough 725SW
TG-310 Orange (228055) TG-810 Black Tough 770SW
TG-310 White (228070) TG-810 Silver Tough TG-810
TG-320 (Blue) TG-820 Tough TG-820
TG-610 TG-820 Black Tough TG-820 Black
TG-610 Black TG-820 Red Tough TG-820 IHS
TG-610 Blue TG-830 iHS Tough TG-820 IHS Black
TG-610 Red TG-830 iHS Black Tough TG-820 IHS Red
TG-610 Silver TG-830 iHS Blue Tough TG-820 Red
TG-620 TG-830 iHS Red Trip AF
VR-310 VR-320 Red VR-340 White
VR-310 Black VR-320 Silver VR-350
VR-310 Purple VR-330 VR-350 Black
VR-310 Red VR-340 Black VR-350 Red
VR-310 Silver VR-340 Purple VR-350 Silver
VR-320 VR-340 Red VR-360
VR-320 Black (228125) VR-340 Silver VR-370
VR-320 Blue
X-560WP X-795 XZ-1 Black (228000)
X-560WP Red X-800 XZ-1 White
X-785 XZ-1 XZ-10
Zoom 10 AF Zoom 3000 Zoom 75
Zoom 100 AF Zoom 60
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Other Devices for Olympus:
Olympus camcorder batteries, adapters, accessories Olympus Camcorders
Find Olympus camcorder batteries, Olympus camcorder adapters, Olympus camcorder accessories
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Olympus Digital Camera Information:
What is the difference between an OEM digital camera battery and DuracellDirect's digital camera batteries?
Some people believe that no other replacement digital camera battery can replace the OEM’s battery. However, we aim to prove that our aftermarket Olympus digital camera batteries work just as well, if not better. Our batteries will either meet or exceed the OEM specifications, and each product comes with a one year warranty. All of our products also pass various safety certification tests. Our products will match the OEM products on several fields, such as safety, durability, and quality.

What different types of Olympus digital camera batteries are there?
Our aftermarket Olympus digital camera batteries can be made from one of four types of widely accepted battery types: NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride), Ni-Cad (Nickel Cadmium), Li-Ion (Lithium Ion), and Li-Poly (Lithium Polymer). Each of these chemical compositions is widely accepted because of their outstanding performance when used in creating battery cells. There are slight differences between each type, such as overall life span, but these differences are usually not noticeable to the common customer.

Why do Olympus digital camera batteries have different capacities?
Digital camera batteries can have different capacities for a number of reasons: different chemical cells, sizes, number of cells, just to name to a few. The capacity, which is measured in mAh (milliampere-hour) is listed on your replacement digital camera battery. Usually, a bigger battery will indicate a higher capacity. However, at times you will find two batteries of the same type with different capacities; again, this can be for any of the reasons stated above, or more.

How long will my Olympus digital camera battery last?
Your new replacement Olympus digital camera battery should last for several hours of use on a full charge. Attaining a full charge can take up to four hours of charge-time, depending on the remaining capacity when charging began. At times, you can even reach 80% capacity within the first hour of charging the battery. Overall, the total life span of your digital camera batteries is roughly 500 discharge / charge cycles, or two to three years.

Customers should be aware that these averages can change depending on how the battery is used and treated. Extensive use of the battery may deplete its total life span. Also, improper care of your battery can greatly decrease its use, or even cause a short circuit.

How safe are Olympus digital camera batteries and batteries in general? How do I take care of my Olympus battery?
DuracellDirect aims to provide customers with only the safest replacement Olympus digital camera batteries, chargers, and other products. We make sure that all of our aftermarket products pass various certification tests, and earn certificates such as RoHS, UL, FCC, and CE.

When handling your aftermarket Olympus digital camera battery, avoid any extreme temperatures. This includes freezing temperatures, and extreme heat (such as leaving your battery in your car for too long). Make sure that your digital camera battery does not come into contact with water, as this can disrupt the cells and cause the battery to become defective. Any physical damage to the battery, by means of throwing or dropping it, should also be avoided. Either at the end of your replacement Olympus digital camera battery’s life span, or in case your battery becomes defective beforehand via physical abuse or leaks, be sure to recycle it.

Our customer service team can help figure out if our replacement Olympus digital camera battery will work with your particular Olympus digital camera model. We also have a wide variety of many other models here at, with many digital camera batteries and digital camera chargers for those brands as well.

To find Olympus Batteries, Battery Chargers, Adapters, and Accessories select the model of your Olympus Digital Camera.

At we are proud to offer our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our Olympus Batteries, Olympus chargers, Olympus adapters and accessories.